Katie Thurston of "The Bachelorette" had her fans divided after sharing to the world that she ingested a "legal drug."

According to E! News, the reality TV star from Seattle took to Twitter to tell her fans that she ingested marijuana-infused food and proceeded to relax while listening to music.

"I just took an edible, laying on the floor of my living room surrounded by responsibilities, all while listening to medication music on Spotify. And how are you?" Thurston wrote.

Following this, numerous fans praised her and replied positive responses saying they can relate to the "Bachelorette" star's activity.

"My favorite thing is getting high, laying in bed, listening to music, and meditating with a crystal on my third eye." One fan wrote.

"I'm taking my nighttime meds now, and will soon be in your stratosphere!" Another fan wrote.

One person also noticed that Thurston wrote "medication music" instead of "meditation," which she clarified by writing, "I guess it's medication for the mine. Or maybe this edible already hit."

However, not all fans took her tweet lightly as they accused the reality TV star of not being a good example for children.

Thurston did not hold back and defended herself by tweeting, "Because I'm consuming a legal drug at a legal age within a legal state?"

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Other Celebrities Who Are Taking Edibles

According to Baked Bros, many celebrities are eating cannabis-infused foods. The most popular is Sir Patrick Stewart, a Hollywood actor known for Captain Picard in "Star Trek."

He mentioned that the legal drug helps him relieve pain because of his age.

Whoopi Goldberg is also a big fan of edibles leading her to create a line of medical cannabis products with Maya Elisabeth called "Whoopi & Maya." The two famous personalities marketed the line for women who are experiencing menstrual discomfort.

Is It Illegal To Take Edibles?

According to O.Berk, the majority of the United States allowed the use of edibles and marijuana usage. Most of which are only allowed to intake it for medical reasons.

However, as of 2021, there are only two states that consider the substance illegal, Nebraska and Idaho.

Thurston told Seattle Times that she's currently living in San Diego, California, meaning it's entirely legal for her to take edibles even if she doesn't have any medical problems that require the substance as a medication.

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