Brody Jenner celebrated his 38th birthday in Las Vegas when a stranger assaulted him out of nowhere.

Brody is the second child from Caitlyn Jenner's second marriage to actress Linda Thompson in 1981. "The Hills: New Beginnings" star traveled to Sin City for his birthday and was spotted at Caesar's Palace.

TMZ reported that Brody had been active on his social media throughout the day, posting and showing off to his followers.

He had captioned one of his Instagram stories with a shoutout to his besties, "Love you guys. Thanks for making my birthday special." Later at night, the birthday boy and his crew decided to hit up a club with Steve Aoki as the performing DJ.


Brody Jenner's Birthday Beating

Brody had been partying at one of OMNIA nightclub's VIP sections with his friends when the incident happened.

According to sources, the reality TV celebrity was suddenly attacked by a stranger while he was busy pouring drinks for his friends.

The attacker caught Caitlyn's son off guard, putting Jenner in a headlock position as the two struggled for drunken control.

As the tussle escalated into a brawl between the two men, the club's security got informed of the situation. However, the bouncers and Jenner's buddies could not stop the assailant as he was attached to the birthday boy.

The other club-goers had whipped out their phones and recorded different angles of the incident, which got shared online.

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A Drunken Mistake

Based on the several video clips taken at the club, Brody's friend had pushed the intoxicated man off him. The poor drunk guy almost fell to the floor soon after his grip had loosened and released the celebrity.

A security guard had caught the attacker before he entirely fell, but Jenner decided to retaliate by stomping on him.

In another recording, an unidentified female had stalked up to the reality star and started hitting his chest unprovoked. She was later on restrained by Brody's friends, which triggered her to scream at them as the man struggled with the bouncer that caught him.

The female had allegedly slipped out of her restraints and was able to throw a can of beverage in Brody's direction.

More of the club's security arrived at the scene and was able to control the two attackers, escorting them out immediately.

Brody Jenner was not heavily injured and did not report the incident to authorities, and the star had continued to party with his friends. The attackers were not arrested for their actions and had remained unidentified since that night.

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