The lack of information about Jimmy Hayes' cause of death made fans start speculating what truly happened.

On Monday, first responders visited Hayes' home, where they pronounced him dead. Before his passing, he was seen looking fine while celebrating his son's birthday in an arcade.

This led the authorities to allege that his death is not suspicious at all. Meanwhile, some of his fans asked the public to respect the family's privacy by not speculating over the cause of death or post rumors.

However, Twitter users shared their own thoughts about Hayes' death, suggesting some potential causes that led to his tragic passing.

Jimmy Hayes' Cause of Death

One user said that he might have died due to cardiac arrest. It resonated with the recent athlete deaths that provide no concrete information about the cause of their passing.

"I'm thinking I have a idea what Jimmy Hayes cause of death is since sudden cardiac arrest sadly is quite common in current and former athletes and a Boston article said he was out celebrating his one child's bday last night," the user said.

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Another suspected that the COVID-19 vaccine has something to do with it, saying, "Jimmy Hayes got the vaccine right? Weird a healthy guy just suddenly dies for no apparent reason."

Amid these claims, fans slammed them for causing buzzes while the family is still grieving over his death. Still, these resonated with what others theorized about other athletes' deaths.

More Athletes Are Dying?

Hayes' death came after a number of athletes also succumbed this year.

For what it's worth, Jake Ehlinger caused massive talks when he was found dead near the University of Texas. At that time, the Austin Police Department reportedly received a call about the death of a young man. The report detailed that the body was found on the 1200 block of West 22nd Street.

His friends then confirmed the identity to KXAN. Like Hayes, Ehlinger's death also gave birth to speculations, saying that his death could be because of a drug overdose or a suicide.

Other people talked about Marfan syndrome, which could lead to a person's unexpected death.

According to, the disease is a genetic disorder that targets the body's connective tissue. It plays an important role in assisting the body to develop its parts properly. If left undetected, it could lead to a person's death.

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