Did Prince Philip himself never want to reach the age of 100?

Before his death in April, Prince Philip said several times how he lived long enough to serve Queen Elizabeth II and the monarchy. As he reached the age of 99 before his passing, he became the longest-serving British consort in history.

He almost reached his 100th birthday, but a new book revealed that Prince Philip never wanted to reach that age at all.

The Duke of Edinburgh's longtime biographer Gyles Brandreth recently published her book "Philip: The Final Portrait." She quoted in the material how Prince Philip said he did not want to last until 100.

"I certainly don't want to hang on until I am a hundred like Queen Elizabeth [the Queen Mother]," the late royal reportedly said. "I can't imagine anything worse. I'm already falling to pieces as it is. Bits keep dropping off. I have absolutely no desire to cling on to life unnecessarily. Ghastly prospect."

Like Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip pledged to dedicate his life serving the monarchy. Although he retired from his public duties in 2017, he remained the Queen's most important support until death.

Prince Philip Served Well

The publication of the new book came after Prince Philip's only daughter, Princess Anne, stoically remembered him during his supposed 100th birthday.

The royal princess sat for an interview with ITV, where he honored her late father. According to her, everyone needs to move forward without him. However, she added that it is also important to remember.

"There were not many people who understood just how broad his interests were and how supportive he was to an astonishingly wide range of organizations," she said.

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She also noted that Prince Philip witnessed many life experiences before applauding his capacity to ask more questions than give opinions when he was still alive.

This resonated with what Brandreth mentioned in the introduction of her book, saying that the late duke was more thoughtful and kinder than what people think so.

According to the author, it has been a privilege for her part to be able to score a special access in writing Prince Philip's life. Although he did not see the final version of the book anymore, Brandreth expressed her hopes the book to do him justice.

The book serves as the revised and updated version of the 2004 book "Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage."

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