Still, in the midst of legal troubles, "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" ex-couples Erika Jayne and Thomas Girardi are in hot waters as they seemed to be trying to get away from their issues.

On Wednesday, Page Six reported that Erika Jayne was ahead of her gym session and refused to answer paparazzi questions regarding her ex-husband, Tom Girardi.

The singer and tv personality filed for divorce in November 2020 from the now-disgraced lawyer after two years of being together. She also opened up regarding her decision to leave Girardi on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 11, which is currently airing.

This month of August, she was also accused of spending $25 million given to her company EJ Global LLC from Girardi Keese on her American Express bill, assistants, and a glam squad.

Tom Girardi Running Away From Legal Woes?

Thomas Girardi recently went on a tour on the grounds of a nursing home published by the Daily Mail after he was forced to give up his estimated fortune of $264 million luxury life.

According to the investigating attorney from this article, these photos were nothing more than a 'scripted photo op' orchestrated to deflect from his massive legal woes. The images showed Girardi appearing in an oversized purple sweater, strolling in the facility with a male assistant.

The same source also has their attorney, Ronald Richards, who is investigating the Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi case. And as the attorney believes, the photos were staged because the 82-year-old did not have any bags with him.

Richards said in a tweet, "No bags, scripted photo opp., "exclusive" story, no notice, something isn't adding up. We should have an update by tomorrow. #girardifraud Stay tuned...."


The attorney was granted authorization to interrogate Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi's divorce lawyers, business manager, and landlord for contributing to the investigation.

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Updates Regarding Erika Jayne-Tom Girardi Chaos

After being put on the auction block, Girardi was said to be evicted from his 10,277 sq. ft. mansion, which has a worth of an estimated $10 million.

Numerous federal lawsuits have been filed against Thomas Girardi and his former law firm, Girardi Keese. To name a few, he was also accused of transferring the funds to hide money from creditors seeking to recover what is owed to them.

The couple was also allegedly embezzling funds designated to families of victims of a plane crash shortly after Erika announced their divorce.

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