"Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne discovered something fishy regarding her items while helping her bankrupt ex-husband Tom Girardi.

The reality star was forced to auction off her belonging to pay off Tom Girardi's law firm creditors. The Girardi Keese law firm had been selling off Erika Jayne's belongings and memorabilia from her past singing career US Weekly reported.

While undergoing the embezzlement lawsuit, Girardi Keese had gotten rid of office furniture and other equipment before targeting the ex-wife's prized possessions.

The items sold included furnishing, art decorations, sports and music memorabilia, wine, vintage law books, a piano, and a Cadillac DTS.

Tom Girardi and his firm had labeled the leftover items in their household as "Erika Jayne's collectibles."

The former singer had signed magazine covers, framed photographs of Erika with Tom, and an official plaque from Billboard.

Twenty-five individuals already placed their bids for the items, the highest amounting to $350 for her 2009 "Roller Coaster" plaque.

Erika's Lingerie for Sale?

After beginning the auction, some questionable items have appeared from Erika Jayne's household collectibles.

According to TMZ, someone close to the housewife had revealed that her ex-husband included two separate lingerie pieces in the listing.

The item is unrecognizable to Erika as she claimed it never belonged to her, said the same source.

The intimate red apparel was a size 3 "Agent Provocateur" set, while the accompanying black lace top was medium.

Aside from the size being too small for the reality star, the item also has the attached price tags.

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Erika Jayne Had No Idea

Since the beginning, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" starlet had been clueless about her ex's actions.

Tom Girardi's law firm just decided to put up Erika's belongings for auction and didn't give her notice or asked for permission.

"These are all seized items," said a close source to the US Weekly and stated that the celebrity "had no approval" on the auctioned items. When asked about the celebrity's involvement in the whole situation, the answer had been, "She doesn't have a say either way."

"She's just letting the law form do what it needs to do. She wants the payment to be settled so she can just move on in life," the source continued.

The couple is still being accused of embezzling the settlement funds for the 2018 Lion Air plane crash. Erika Jayne has not been charged with anything but is still accused of receiving an estimate of a $20 million loan from Girardi Keese.

The star's close friend, Lisa Rinna, had stood beside her through this difficult time and even managed to defend her.

"I've known Erika a long time, I don't think she knew anything... Why would Tom Girardi tell Erika anything?" Lisa claimed during her previous interview with Andy Cohen.

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