"American Horror Story" came back with its new "Double Feature" season, streaming on August 25.

The new release featured back-to-back episodes, which are titled "Cape Fear" and "Pale," and aired simultaneously.

The production had confirmed that the new season's title meaning that there will be two stories told this time around. The storyline was divided into parts, with the first being "Red Tide," having six episodes, while "Death Valley" will have the remaining four.

Variety reported the season's two-parter is interconnected as it does share some of the cast members.

The actors include veteran AHS cast member Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Leslie Grossman.

AHS Spoilers Ahead

The new season of "American Horror Story" introduces the Gardener family who recently moved to a new town.

The episode's beginning showed the couple's sunny disposition, but that doesn't last very long as the viewers sense a foreboding as the minutes roll by.

According to sources, Harry moves his pregnant wife Doris and their daughter Alma to Provincetown to cure his writer's block. However, Alma stole the attention by presenting her favorite car game, quietly counting every roadkill they pass.

The role played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong continues with its eerie character by claiming that the new house "looks haunted."

Viewers will soon encounter Sarah Paulson as her new role "Tuberculosis Karen" attacks the struggling screenwriter during a grocery run.

The story escalates as a pale-looking hairless freak chases the mother and daughter and tries to break into their residence.

The series redemption with the addition of these zombie-corpses fuels excitement in avid watchers as it reminds them of AHS' glory days.

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Twitter Raves About #AHSDoubleFeature

Fans seemed to love the "American Horror Story: Double Feature" episodes more because of the actors turned producers.

"Sara Paulson always understands the assignment," boasts one Twitter user with a collection of the actress' photos from previous episodes.

While another person can't seem to resist comparing Sara to their struggles in real life, "My Fall Plans, The Delta Variant."

"Evan Peters & Sara Paulson with the producer/executive producer credits," one fan said, attaching an emotional 'Office' meme.

The majority of the tweets are about the executive producers starring on the show, "Evan and Frances singing while they got vampire zombies eating mfs outside."

This one person used a Will Smith GIF to her post, "Seeing opening credits with Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe on my tv again,"

"I believe in Evan Peters Supremacy," and "Ryan Murphy is The God Gift That Keeps On Giving. Thanks Evan Peters," one fan account proclaimed.

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