Former "Teen Mom" star Catelynn might face marital trials as "thirsty girls" keep hitting her husband on Instagram.

Catelynn had been flexing Tyler's journey with his weight loss progress on social media when she noticed something fishy. Being the supportive wifey that she is, the reality star had taken shirtless pictures of Tyler for his Instagram account, sources reported.

He uploaded the post last Monday with the caption, "I won't ever stop fighting even when my body is bleeding broken & all bruised stumbling."

  Tyler boasted his fit figure and muscles as he continued the caption with a motivational paragraph about his fitness journey. Mrs. Lowell had given her beau a heart along with a cheeky comment saying, "Hey sexy," accompanied by a drooling emoji.

Tyler's Thirst Trap

Catelynn wasn't the only one interacting with Tyler, as several other flirty and suggestive comments were seen under the post.

Noticing the sudden attention on her husband, the former starlet can't seem to resist dropping another comment.

Accompanied by laughing emojis, she said, "All these thirsty girls on here. STAY wishing because this is what I sleep next to every night and forever!!!."

She ended the comment with a slight dig to all of Tyler's admirers by including a 'get the f-ck out' hashtag. According to People, the married couple expects a baby girl to become the fifth member of their family.

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High School Sweethearts

Catelynn and Tyler currently share three children- 6-year old Nova and 2-year old Veada Luma. Unfortunately, during "Teen Mom," the two decided to place their firstborn, Carly, up for adoption.

The married couple had been a fan-favorite during their participation on the reality show back when it was still called "16 & Pregnant." Avid watchers had been invested in their high-school sweetheart love story as well as Catelynn's openness about her vulnerability and emotions.

The two have been vocal about their relationship on the show and social media as they recently celebrated their 6th anniversary. The sweethearts began dating in 2006.

Tyler decided to ask the question and marry Catelynn later in 2015. Catelynn posted their wedding pictures on her account with the cutest message to her husband, "I look forward to the rest of our years together with our beautiful family."

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