Prince Charles is experiencing a health problem that will stop him from doing one of his favorite activities.

The 72-year-old heir to the throne has confessed that his back isn't doing good during an interview with Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. 

In their casual chat, which will be featured on Armitage's "The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed," Prince Charles talked about his love for planting trees and growing flowers. 

However, the Prince of Wales also admitted that the minor issues coming to his advancing age is making gardening a difficult experience as it used to be.  

When he was asked if he is very hands-on with gardening, the dad-of-two said via Express UK, "I'd give anything to be more hands-on. But it's the time that's always the problem."

"I love planting trees and plants but my problem now is my back's not so good."

But Prince Charles didn't stop despite experiencing discomforts as he found a solution. 

"I spend my life trying to do it on my knees which is all very well but digging on your knees is an interesting business." 

Prince Charles has also shared his love for gardening with his grandson, Prince George, the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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In 2015, the future King revealed he and Prince George planted a Balsam poplar tree at Highgrove, Prince Charles' home in Gloucestershire. 

The Poet Laureate asked him how the experience was, and he explained that there are advantages to letting the little ones in into the things they love. 

"The fun is to get grandchildren to plant a tree now and then so they can measure themselves, if you know what I mean, by the size of the tree."

Speaking of their tree, Prince Charles revealed that it has "hot up" and is "higher than the barn already." 

He further boasted, "It's grown about three feet a year. Not many do that."

In another interview in 2016, Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son confessed that he introduced his son's firstborn to gardening at such a young age because he hopes Prince George would also love the activity one day. 

Prince Charles explained, "I always like gardening from a child's point of view because I have such happy memories of bits of garden from my grandmother's house."

He went on to say, "So you think what would appeal to a child, it's the paths and the interest, or a maze."

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