Queen of Pop is trending on Twitter, and it is not about Madonna at all.

On the social media site, Lizzo started the debate by sharing her music rankings after Justin Bieber earned the title Prince of Pop in his fandom.

The 33-year-old agreed to Bieber's fandom, saying that the singer is indeed the Prince of Pop after reaching a Spotify record. She also dubbed Usher as the King of R&B.

Lizzo then completed her list, calling Britney Spears the Princess of Pop, Rihanna the Pop Princess, and Beyonce as Queen of Music.

However, she caused an online uproar since Madonna's fans immediately slammed her for crossing out the singer. They questioned why Janet deserves to be the queen of pop when Madonna exists.

One Twitter user said, "I absolutely love Janet and she's had a tremendous impact on pop music, but Madonna is the only true queen of pop and nobody can say otherwise."

"Madonna is the queen of pop whether you like her music or not. She's the best selling female artist of all time + the highest grossing solo touring act of all time with the most #1 hits WW, aka the Queen of Pop," another wrote.

Meanwhile, others insisted that Janet should be the one to earn the title.

Janet Jackson Will Be Back

Regardless of her title, Janet will surely conquer the stage soon again as Tito Jackson hinted at a potential Jackson family reunion.

Before the Queen of Pop talks emerged, Tito appeared on "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef," where he talked about the family's reunion with Janet.

According to Tito, the family tour has been talked about for years.

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"Hopefully, that can happen. You know, we can have the entire family on stage, you know, separately, at once; however we plan to do it, but that would be a great package," he said as quoted by ET Canada.

Tito added that they already planned the family tour even before Michael's death. He revealed that the world still wants to hear the Jacksons and how the late pop star would like them to continue, as well.

For now, Janet is reportedly dedicating her time to her son, Eissa Al Mana. Tito described him as a fantastic mother, proving how the females in the family always become good mothers.

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