Oprah Winfrey's controversial interview with singer Dolly Parton goes viral as fans noticed something fishy about the host.

The exchange between Oprah Winfrey and Dolly Parton happened in 2003 but is only gaining attention recently and for all the wrong reasons.

According to sources, Dolly's tribute album "Just Because I'm A Woman" had just been released when the interview occurred.

However, instead of focusing on Parton's music and career, Winfrey decided to target the artist's appearance. The country legend was already open about undergoing cosmetic alterations and was known for her plastic surgery features during that time.

That's why Ophrah's inquiries about the topic were deemed inappropriate by the younger generation, as she seemed to have a motive in asking the questions.

Dolly's Graceful Response

Millennials and GenZ generally think that it's not a big deal if celebrities get something done nowadays.

However, Dolly had been criticized for it, as seen in the viral interview video where Oprah kept pushing on her. After joking about looking like an age-defying "cartoon," the musician continued to take Winfrey's attacks into stride.

The host pushed Parton into a corner by saying, "You've been open about how you've had some work done. Some tucks and pulls and sucks,"

To which the legend immediately replied with, "And I'll have some more [done] when I need 'em," causing the audience to applaud her confidence.

The celeb continued to share that she was already into plastic surgery when pre-teen girls were "still sleeping on plastic sheets."

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Oprah Attacks Parton's Mental Health

As Parton managed to dodge further digs about her cosmetic surgeries, Oprah switched gears and brings up her mental health. Sources reported that the host cut off Dolly mid-sentence to ask, "When you hit your 40s I heard you went into a huge depression. Did you?"

This interception was not agreeable to fans as Oprah seem to have "dragged" the topic to cause a reaction out of her guest.

Being the veteran that she is, Dolly Parton unflinchingly admitted that her depression came with other issues not related to her age. "I really had a lot of problems at the time, a lot of female problems. Just hormones and it wasn't just a depression thing," the musician shared.

The legendary singer ended her interview by reassuring everyone that she was "ok now," and that her depression actually helped her.

"It was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it made me take inventory. I'd never slowed up. I've been working since I was like 10 years old," Dolly said.

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