Matthew Mindler's cause of death has been ruled by the officials days after his tragic passing.

The Lancaster County Coroner's Office divulged that it received the result of the initial autopsy report. It added that that the result led them to rule the manner of his death as suicide.

The office, however, still cannot determine the cause of death as the toxicology results are still pending. Reports refused to reveal what he looked like when the authorities first found him - whether he used something to claim his own life.

Something's Off About Matthew Mindler's Death?

His grieving mother, Monica Mindler, revealed to a news outlet that they knew about his severe anxiety issues for years before he committed suicide. Unfortunately, nobody expected the event to happen as he seemed to be enjoying his time as a new first-year college student.

Monica went on to claim that Mindler was busy during his first days at the university that she could not reach him at all.

Before his death, the former child star was still able to meet an advisor about creating a computer/programming club on the campus. He also had a scheduled job interview with the IT department and became part of a friends circle in the university.

These things, for his mother, never showed signs that he was going to take his life. Monica then recalled her last conversation with her son, telling him she would pick him up on Friday to spend time with the family at home.

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The matriarch also wanted him back to relax for days knowing that he was dealing with anxiety.

On Wednesday, before the university police filed a missing adult report, Monica sent him a text message but he did not respond. Her messages were sent as texts instead of iMessages, indicating that Mindler turned off his phone or went to an unreachable area.

Due to a lack of replies, she finally contacted his dorm and his roommate on Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, she did not hear any updates about him and learned that people at school were worried instead.

Two days after he went missing, Monica drove to the campus and reported the incident to the police.

"We appreciate the support, concern and outpouring of prayers from Millersville University, the students and the community. My heart is crushed and my mind cannot yet fathom this reality," she said after learning how her son died.

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