R. Kelly's damaging trial continued on Wednesday, Sept 1,  and the court heard another disturbing accusation from one of his accusers.

The sixth and latest accuser appeared before the court this week and recalled how R. Kelly kept a gun nearby him before forcing her to do a lascivious act to him.

The event reportedly happened in a Los Angeles music studio where the singer also berated her.

The witness said she could not step out of line since the disgraced singer had a weapon. This resonated with the statement during the New York City sex-trafficking trial in 2018.

The same accuser claimed that R. Kelly demanded her not to look at the gun and asked her how many men already saw her naked instead. He reportedly made him act excited "like a puppy" whenever she saw him.

"I still have a lot to teach you," R. Kelly reportedly said at that time, as quoted by Fox News.

The woman detailed the last time she saw him was at a New York City hotel suite. During the encounter, she refused to have sexual intercourse with him, to which R. Kelly responded with a warning she should not defy him.

R. Kelly's sickening threats allegedly began when the woman was 19, and the abusive sexual relationship led to her contracting herpes from him. When she initially filed police reports and sued him, he and his fans reportedly threatened to spread nude photos of her.

First Male Accuser Attended Trial

After a number of women appeared to testify, a male accuser took a stand for the first time and revealed that the singer exploited him when he was a high school student.

The witness disclosed to the jury how the R&B star lured him to his home in Chicago in 2007 by offering false offers for his music career.

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R. Kelly reportedly asked the then-17-year-old victim what he was willing to do for music. The aspiring singer then replied he could carry his bags and do anything he needs to receive R. Kelly's help.

The singer then debunked the idea and asked him whether he ever fantasized about having a sexual relationship with men. R. Kelly then "crawled down on his knees" and gave the victim an oral sex "he never wanted."

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