Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley reportedly feel the same way about being apart. Instead of like other couples lamenting distance and space from each other, the two allegedly are on the same page that time away will be good for them.

This is what Rodgers, in a recent interview revealed. In fairness to them both, they individually have bustling careers, so being with each other 24/7, unless they are married, is truly impossible. Even busy married couples have to make the difficult situation of being apart for their works sometimes. 

On his part, the quarterback is gearing up for another colorful season with the Green Bay Packers. Therefore, he revealed that he thinks spending time away from the Los Angeles-based actress can actually be a "good thing." He's not saying this out of spite though, but out of full understanding of what works for Shailene Woodley and what works for him, in terms of their working style and ethics.

"It's a busy work time for her, so [my decision] probably came at a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work," Rodgers told Haute Living.

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"I think it's going to be a good thing. I mean, her work was shut down for an entire year [during the coronavirus pandemic], and she's booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy, too."

This inevitable separation during the 2021 football season could also be the reason why the "Big Little Lies" star, 29, and Rodgers, 37, are in "no rush" to start planning their wedding despite already being engaged, Page Six asserted.

"There's no wedding planning happening," Woodley told "Entertainment Tonight" back in July. "There's no rush. We've got no rush."

The "Divergent" star herself added that they're simply "enjoying" spending time together in the middle of being engaged.

The couple first sparked dating rumors last summer, but none of them bothered conforming anything. It was only until February 2021 that the NFL star announced he was engaged already and technically off the market. Even then, he wanted to stay mysterious and did not reveal who his fiancée is. 

Woodley is the one who had to ultimately confirm that she's the one. In an appearance on "The Tonight Show," she revealed that she was Rodgers' mysterious bride-to-be. She added that it was laughable how much people are freaking out that they are engaged, after not even knowing for sure if they are dating.

"For us, it's not new news, so it's kind of funny everybody right now is freaking out over it," she said at the time. "We're like, 'Yeah we've been engaged for a while.'"

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