Lil Nas X is expecting a baby - but it is not the type of pregnancy that could really shock the fans.

Lils Nas X left his fans shocked and confused as the musician shared photos of him showing his baby bump to announce his pregnancy.

On his Twitter account, the 22-year-old singer shared a photoset of him wearing a white rob and flower crown as he cradles his little baby bump.

"SURPRISE! I can't believe i'm finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy "MONTERO" is due September 17, 2021," he captioned the post, explaining what his pregnancy means.

He shared the exclusive pregnancy photoshoot with People and explained why he came up with the theme. According to Lil Nas X, his recent shoot was inspired by Megan Thee Stallion's verse on his song "Dolla Sign Slime."


Per the singer, he immediately called his stylist after listening to that part. Meanwhile, her stylist told him, "Your album, your baby," before suggesting he should do a pregnancy shoot.

After hearing that, he instantly scored that idea and realized it would be amazing and unique.

Lil Nas X Responds to Drake

Pregnancy is already on Lil Nas X's mind that he also gave the nod to Drake's "Certified Lover Boy" by sharing his cover art.

On his Instagram account, he made a counterpart of Drake's pregnant women emojis by sharing pregnant men's version of it.

Meanwhile, after all the baby talks, Lil Nas X said that he is a father and a mother at the same time before joking that the producers who worked on Drake's album are either dads or uncles.

His fans immediately applauded his move and congratulated his "pregnancy." However, most internet users still called him out for giving a bad take at bad timing.

"cis men don't experience pregnancy. so why are they making laws in Texas banning abortions, aka life saving healthcare? and why are they in the cover of a magazine pretending to be pregnant? when an actual pregnant person was told No ?" one said.

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Meanwhile, Donnell Rawlings also commented on the photoshoot, questioning what it would bring to the minds of his kids. He also asked the public how he would explain the picture to his sons.

Lil Nas X posted a screenshot of Rawling's thoughts before a fan defended him and said, "boys have been putting basketballs under their shirt to look pregnant since 1891. Your son will be alright."

Regardless of people's comments, he clarified that he is not a representation of anyone but himself. Amid all hate, he invited everyone for a baby shower in the Los Angeles area.

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