Former "Jeopardy!" champion James Holzhauer voiced out his thoughts about the recent firing of Mike Richards.

"Jeopardy!" needs to go back to zero in finding another permanent host after Richards gave up the role following the reemergence of his scandals. But aside from giving up the hosting role, Richards was recently fired as the game show's executive producer - something like Holzhauer celebrated.

Champ vs. Executive Producer: Mike Richards Deserves To Be Fired?

On his Twitter account, the former champion shared a short but damaging blow against Richards.

"Do I think Mike Richards's podcast comments were appropriate for polite society? No. But did he deserve the benefit of the doubt for the job he did running Jeopardy? Also no," Holzhauer penned.

His status garnered mixed reactions from his followers, though, as some internet users pointed out that Richards never showed misconduct and shattered someone through his words.

One commenter said, "No one should ever be fired for ANY comments / opinions. Just what was his "misconduct"? What did he say that was so earth shattering offensive ?"

 Another Twitter user replied to the comment and said that it was cancel culture that led to Richards lose his role.

While the hosting drama is still up, one person suggested "Jeopardy!" to have a "Saturday Night Live"-like set-up where it would hail guest hosts every year.

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"They shouldn't have a permanent host. Too much concentration risk and the game carries itself. Should've done four hosts per year. It's a huge honor and people will do it like doing a movie. The best hosts can get asked back," the fan said.

Regardless of people's opinions, Holzhauer launched a second tweet that features a "Wizard of Oz" GIF saying, "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!"

Holzhauer Slamming Richards Continuously

In the same social media platform, the former "Jeopardy!" champion unceasingly shared more trolls against the former executive producer.

The 2019 contestant shared a joke that compared the show's status without a permanent host to the McNear variant.

Meanwhile, he explained that his negative opinion against Richards is not wholly based on the issues from a 2013-and 2014 podcast.

According to Holzhauer, he judged him how he treated people at the backstage of the "Jeopardy!" stage.

Following Richards' ousting from "Jeopardy!" Suzanne Prete, EVP of business and strategy, also confirmed the former EP's exit from "Wheel of Fortune."

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