A report regarding "Ad Astra" actor Brad Pitt has again sparked dating rumors as he gets cozy with his "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" co-star, Margot Robbie.

Brad Pitt is one of many Hollywood superstars that have gone through numerous dashing celebrity relationships ranging from Jeniffer Aniston to Angelina Jolie. However, this new report from Woman's Day via Suggest may have Pitt adding another one on the list.

The outlet claimed that the two actors couldn't stay away from each other. Pitt and Robbie are set to collaborate once again for "Babylon," which has begun filming in Los Angeles. The two were recently spotted coming to a set, along with their co-star Tobey Maguire.

'Flirty' Pitt And Robbie?

And as the source protested, "There's an obvious connection between them." The actors "were always flirting with each other," they added, amid sparked rumors between them from 2019.

Although, one that comes to mind is the not-so-excited husband for the reunion, Tom Ackerley. The outlet stated that he never had time to spend with his wife while he was away due to the pandemic, which may be the reason it affected their relationship.

"Margot denied anything happened with Brad before... but the whispers did spark a rough patch in the marriage," an insider claimed from the report. Ackerley is convinced that Robbie has a crush on the "Interview with the Vampire" star, which was "driving her crazy."

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It's A Nope For Pitt And Robbie

And to shut the rumors down regarding this report, a representative of Brad Pitt has already claimed that "nothing happened" between the two actors. Even though a lot have noticed their undeniable chemistry, they are highly opposite to each other.

Not just that, but they share a little screentime for "The Big Short," plus they never interact much while they were working for "Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood" either.

Tom Ackerley may be unknown to many, but he is a successful producer for "I, Tonya" and "Promising Young Woman." Articles have been treating him like "a jealous punching bag" who is, of course, aware of his wife's business and career.

For one thing, debunking the idea of Ackerley and Robbie not spending their time together in the middle of the pandemic, but they were always seen going out. The two are still seemingly in love with each other despite the allegations.

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