It was widely known that Brad Pitt was such a style icon and heartthrob in the '90s; however, the A-list celebrity once admitted that at his 57 years of age, he is "exhausted" for being one.

The actor has become an ideal icon for every man and a dream man for many women.

An A-lister actor like him has it all from good looks, a top pick for blockbuster movies, and of course, even A-list beautiful girlfriends. A list of her exes even includes Juliette Lewis, Christina Applegate, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Poturalski.

Pitt: 'If I Have A Style, It's No Style'

Recently, the "Ad Astra" actor got interviewed by Esquire Magazine, where he openly admitted that his fashion sense has changed into a style that is "no style."

He went on to discuss his preference of style, and from there, he detailed how he liked himself dressed. "I like monochrome, without it being a uniform," he said, adding his likings with simplicity and details.

The 57-year-old actor also admitted in the interview that his new style is "led by comfort," as he's getting older. "I like the feel of a Leica camera or the way a watch feels," he stated.

"I don't want to look ostentatious, but if you come close, you notice, I like how the lining feels."

"It's those details that are important to me. It's too exhausting to follow trends. And I despise billboards; I just don't want to be billboard," Pitt refused.

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'Cranky' Brad Pitt

The "Fury" actor also mentioned a statement that as you get older, "you get crankier, and comfort becomes more important."

Pitt recently partnered up with coffee machine maker "De'Longhi," for their new campaign, where he showcased his style as he rode on a motorbike and posing with a freshly brewed coffee in a basic long-sleeve shirt and jeans.

He is the face of the brand's "Perfetto" campaign and even called himself a "serious coffee drinker."

"I am a serious, professional, committed coffee drinker," he said, also stating that he is a usual three-cappuccino drinker first thing in the morning. "And depending on the work in the afternoon, I might switch over to an espresso."

The actor does not usually put his face in many advertising campaigns. However, he managed to say yes to "De'Longhi" with his reasons, "It's about quality, it's about design aesthetics... harmony, quality, and approach. I really appreciated De'Longhi's approach, when you have confidence in your product, you don't have to overdo it.

"Their attention to detail makes me appreciate the brand even more."

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