Fans had the best time of their lives as as they composed the most hilarious tweets about Harry Styles' tour outfits during his "Love On Tour" concert in Denver.

While Harry Styles wowed his fans with his fantastic voice while he was on stage, many have noticed how he has a resemblance to the YouTube sensation Miranda Sings. Fans claimed that this must be the singer's iconic fashion inspo.

The singer took the internet by storm once again after donning an outfit similar to Colleen Ballinger's popular avatar, where she is wearing a long-sleeved top and bright red pants.

Who Is Miranda Sings?

Miranda Sings is a character made by an American Youtuber, Colleen Ballinger, where she is known for her unique sense of humor and distinct fashion sense.

The person behind Miranda Sings is also a singer and actor. She began her career on YouTube by launching her channel back in 2009. Miranda, later on, gained immense recognition with her one-woman comedy act for portraying a character with highly expressed eyebrows and popped red lipsticks.

Miranda Sings is most known as an untalented, quirky, selfish yet endearing woman with exaggerated dance moves and off-key singing.

This way, the YouTuber and singer is loved by a lot of people. The official YouTube channel of Miranda Sings has gained 10 million subscribers and has amassed more than two billion views throughout her career. 

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Harry Styles Vs. Miranda Sings: Who Wore It Better?

Harry's fans have made a big commotion online with their responses regarding his outfit, which showed how Miranda became the biggest inspiration for the night.

  One user even edited out a photo of the "Watermelon Sugar" singer with Miranda's face, which garnered hundreds of likes for the past hours. And some have even compared the two for their perfectly matched outfits and asked who wore it better.

  Not only that, but some fans remembered the times where Harry's One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson had an era where he wore stripes and red pants back in the days.

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