In a new episode of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Erika Jayne claimed she is "looking forward" to slamming Kyle Richards for the show's big reunion.

Despite the two having a years-long friendship, a source from Daily Mail said that the 50-year-old tv personality was not happy with how Richards was talking about her legal woes behind her back on the show.

This season, the embattled reality TV star's life has crumbled in front of "RHOBH" viewers amid her divorce from lawyer and Girardi & Keese co-founder, Tom Girardi.

The two were accused of embezzling millions of dollars of settlement money from clients, and some were widows, orphans, and victims of Indonesia's Lion air crash.

Furious Erika Jayne

It felt like Erika had lost numerous teammates from her costars as they turned into "hypocrites," including her long-time friend, Kyle. An insider from the same outlet claimed that "the other women say one thing to her face and something completely different behind her back."

Erika was reportedly shocked that one of those who turned on her was Kyle Richards. They also stated that Erika "now realizes the warning Lisa Vanderpump gave her about Kyle was true." "Erika knows that Kyle has two faces both literally and figuratively," they even added.

Their other costar, Sutton Stracke, was also vocal about her case with or without Erika around. However, Kyle was said to be doubting her friend's "truth" in confessionals with disgust and shock for the situation while Erika was not around.

Though most of the stars had much to say regarding the legal case, Kyle was dead silent and only speaking up to support Erika in the episode. But, viewers noticed how she had a much different tune in her confessionals and while joining the cast.

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"Kyle's tried to check in since but Erika has had enough. They'll settle their problems at the reunion," they mentioned.

And as they concluded, Erika now has "a bone to pick" with Dorit Kemsley as well, but she focuses on defending herself and the whole Richards' issue.

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