While serving a life sentence for murdering his family, Chris Watts has received "dozens" of love messages and images of women in bikinis.

The 'American Murder: The Family Next Door" made him online famous - and achieve quite a notoriety in jail.

In 2018, the killer murdered and suffocated his 34-year-old wife Shanann at their Frederick, Colorado, home. Those who were not familiar with the crime were able to find out more about it after it became a Netflix documentary.

In fact, the immediate reactions were disgust, anger, and some, fear - fear that the same can happen if they do not really know the people they say they love.

What is bizarre about the turnout of this documentary is that some girls actually liked what they saw and wanted Watts to be "theirs," going as far as writing to him in jail romantically.

He even used a blanket to strangle their daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three, before transporting their remains to an oil site where he worked - yet some thought this is a behavior worth "loving."

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It must be noted that Bella and Celeste were put in oil tanks, and Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was buried in a shallow grave.

His intention was to get rid of his whole first family just so he could start a new one with his girlfriend at the time Watts, who didn't want another kid, was having an affair with Nichol Kessinger, a girl he met while at work. 

Prosecutors have revealed that Watts has been getting a lot of attention from women, as reported by Crime Online. Some wanted to visit him in person. Analysts claimed that these women must have hybristophilia - a sexual attraction to people who've committed gruesome crimes. 

In a podcast, US legal commentator and TV journalist Nancy Grace revealed some of the shocking things women tell Watts in their letters.

One allegedly wrote, "In my heart I know you are a great guy. If you do write me back I'd be the happiest girl alive that's for sure." Another said she cannot stop thinking a lot about Watts, going as far as adding a photo of herself wearing a bikini. 

Grace on her podcast Crime Stories about Watts, reacted with horror. "My point is, who are these nuts that are 'in love' with him?"

"He didn't have a trial, he pled guilty under oath, he admitted he's guilty. He's not innocent deep, deep down inside," she added.

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