Donald Trump is back to his old ways - which means he says things out of the blue and in his own brash manner. 

He did not mince words when he said who he wants to be in a boxing match with during the "Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort" presser before his big commentary gig for Saturday's event.

In fairness to him, he was asked the question. But still, many were shocked that he blurted his answer in a natural way about whom he would want to face off against in the ring for a hypothetical fight. "If you said if I had to box somebody, I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden," Trump said. "Because I think he'd go down very, very quickly. Very, very quickly." 

Although it is surprising that he would just blurt out his answer in a public event like that, especially when he's talking about the present president, his despise of Biden is not that surprising.

He refers to him as "Sleepy Joe" on various occasions already. The former president has refused to recognize that Biden won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide in the polls. Which is probably why he wants a rematch, this time in ring.

Back in June, it can be remembered how the ex US President Donald Trump wished President Joe Biden "good luck" for an upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He then made a half-joke to Biden in the form an "advice."  

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"Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin-don't fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regard!" Trump said in a statement. 

It was during his presidential campaign against Biden that the nickname "Sleepy Joe" came about.

Trump has a very good reason to be on this event though.

He was invited for a commentary gig for this Saturday's event and was allegedly paid millions just to call one of three broadcast choices for the Triller fight on Saturday alongside his son, Don Jr.

"I love great fighters and great fights. I look forward to seeing both this Saturday night and sharing my thoughts ringside. You won't want to miss this special event," Trump said in a press release

The money allegedly paid him covers him being the "honored guest" for the final news conference of the fight on Thursday at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort. He did not show up though because only Trump Jr. was present. 

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