James Corden has sought protection from a woman who might have clung to the idea that he's available, or if not, he should be available for her.

The host got his legal team going to the court and securing a temporary restraining order against a woman, allegedly 30, who has been harassing him for months now. Naturally, the harassment includes his family.

The woman reportedly kept saying negative things about his wife and in essence, imagining Corden marrying her instead.

According to new legal docs that TMZ was able to obtain, James claims the woman staked out his Los Angeles home on several occasions, including a 6-day stretch this summer.

The host detailed how the harasser camped outside his home in her car for the whole duration and probably would not have left if the cops did not come and become involved.

James claims the woman's harassing behavior started out quite small until it became more and more daring and vicious.

At one point, the girl said to have suddenly showed up at "The Late Late Show" set claiming she was there to marry him. The narrative provided by the woman made it seem as if Corden and her already went a long way back - even before he got married to his wife.

She told cops that she and Corden had plans of traveling to Las Vegas to get married but the wife "stole" him from her. SHe also told the cops chillingly that the wife must be out of the picture so that she and Corden can already have their happily ever after.

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Corden denied knowing the woman. However, he is already immensely spooked that the woman was able to find his home and keeps coming back, because this means she can ultimately become a real threat to his wife and kids. The judge granted James' temporary restraining order.

Under this order, the woman feared by Corden cannot get close to the host, his wife, and their kids. She is ordered to stop all attempts to contact him and stay 100 yards away from the host and his family. 

Corden might be considered quite cheery and loud on his show, but he is pretty private about his life at home. However, as of now, he's been happily married for nearly 10 years to Julia. They share three young kids, Max, 10, Carey, 6, and Charlotte, 3. 

Corden once gushed that it was "love at first sight" when he met Julia. 

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