One source believed that Kris Jenner had given her son, Rob Kardashian, two choices: either he gets a job, or she will cut off his regular allowance.

Based on a report  by the National Enquirer, Kris Jenner ordered Rob to get a job as "she's sick of all the freeloading he does" daily. Their source said to be close to the family also mentioned that although "Kris loves him dearly," Rob's laziness has reached the top level.

And for Kris' solution, she motivated her son to go out and get his own money, stating that he should take "a paid 9-to-5 job, or he'll have his Amex cards canceled," the outlet said.

The insider even implied that Kardashian's laziness and freeloading became the reason why he is struggling with weight loss by saying, "Rob's refused multiple attempts to go to a fat farm." And along with that, Kardashian was also reported to prefer sitting around and buying expensive cars instead. The source revealed Kardashian's behavior as it has "gotten way past the point of embarrassment, the way he slobs around while holding his hand out."

Hard Working Rob Kardashian On The Way

The insider didn't stop from its report and said that Rob Kardashian would never let his mom cut him off and even wants to prove himself that he can be successful and hardworking. Rob Kardashian's business ventures were even mentioned by the outlet where he is "working full-time on his hot sauce brand, Grandeza," along with "his Halfway Dead clothing brands and his sock line [Arthur George Street]." With all these big projects he is currently handling, the source spilled that Kardashian felt like this is the way he could get his mom off his back. However, despite the efforts he made, "he's upset no one is recognizing all the effort he's putting in," the source concluded, which made the son even more determined to "prove them wrong."

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Is Kris Jenner That Type Of Parent?

And as to debunk the outlet's attempt of making the mother-and-son feud over his work ethic, Suggest even described the report as something not worth buying, too. Looking at Rob's Instagram posts, his hot sauce line, Grandeza, is doing quite well that it even signed a deal with 7-Eleven.

Other than that, Jenner forcing one of her children to get a typical "9 to 5 job" was also far from realistic given their status as worldwide icons. None of her other children were even forced to go to retail job paths when they reached the downturn in their careers.

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