Actress Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the big screen with her recurring role in what is now dubbed as "one of the most brutal films ever made," the "Halloween Kills" sequel.

The film debuted in Venice Film Festival on September 8th, Wednesday, as the "Knives Out" star once again played the role of Laurie Strode. Only this time, "Holloween Kills" had its first screening at the Venice International Film Festival.

According to sources, the 12th installment to the Michael Myers slasher franchise credited several reviews from film critics. Ben Rolph of Discussing Film described the glorious gore as "one of the most brutal films ever made."

"Halloween Kills' is a non-stop, blood-rushing blast. [Director] David Gordon Green takes the brutality of his 2018 film and amps it up, breaking the dial in the process." the critic continued to praise the movie.

Halloween Kills: Half a Film

Collider's Rafael Motomayor took his opinion to Twitter as he posted a snippet of his review saying, "the kills are absolutely brutal and shocking in the best way."

However, Motomayer also pointed out the apparent abrupt ending to the most recent Myer creation, saying it is "100% half a film." That being said, the hiccup in the plot doesn't take away from the film being a darker, meaner, and more disturbing" addition to the franchise.

Of course, some critics would get tired of the series' repetitive storyline and the lack of fresh, new blood characters.

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Halloween Overkill

People mentioned Dabid Rooney, a representative for The Hollywood Reporter, who compared Jamie Lee Curtis' project as a stretched-out and shapeless latex ghoul mask that no longer fits its wearer.

The publication also sourced "Halloween Kill's Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic response which only amounted to 53% positive reviews and 46 out of 100 ratings, respectively.

In IndieWire's Ben Croll's words, "Halloween Kills" is nothing more than a "jacked up body count on a bed of fan service,' to which Jessica Kang from The Playlist agrees as she claims that Haddonfield is a "dumb town" that deserves the wrath of Michael Myers.

Negative reviews aside, avid Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myer's fans can expect the "Halloween Ends" franchise series finale in 2022.

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