Camilla Parker Bowles may play a significant role once her husband, Prince Charles becomes king in a few years.

In fact, a royal expert believes that the Duchess of Cornwall will be the British royal family's secret weapon.

According to a YouGov poll conducted in August, Camilla is the tenth most popular royal family member, with 36% are in her favor, and 29% are not.

Though she hasn't been always as loved as the rest of the other members of the Firm, in the past two years, she has become a central figure in the royal family.

During the lockdown last year, Camilla offered comfort and laughs by going on several royal events. She even led the national tributes on V-E day and posted video messages online, spotlighting her patronages.

But once Prince Charles succeeds Queen Elizabeth II as the monarch, ROYALS podcast host, Angela Mollard suggests that with the Duchess' "wealth of experience," she'll be able to offer the Prince of Wales the needed "stability and security" once he becomes king.

The host described Camilla Parker Bowles as someone who has a great sense of humour, a "dry wit."

"Camilla can see the absurdity of royal life in some cases and yet still has enormous respect for the charities she represents and a genuine interest in them."

The royal expert also said that Camilla was able to help Prince Charles cope during Prince William and Prince Harry's difficult stage in their relationship.

"If this fundamental relationship with Camilla is a healthy and supportive one, whatever she is called, that's going to have a tremendous bearing on his role as king."

When Prince Charles becomes king, Camilla's title will not be queen consort, but princess consort.

According to a Clarence House spokesperson, "The intention is for the duchess to be known as princess consort when the prince accedes to the throne."


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Prince Charles' Massive Change to Make Once He Becomes King

Prince Charles has faced criticisms over the years because of his opinions, especially for having a point of view on several things like climate change.

Per royal author Howard Hodgson, the future king has always been controversial because of what he is always saying.

However, he also knows that once he becomes king, he has to change what he says publicly.

Per Hodgson, "[Charles] does say, and has said in the past, 'look, I'm not a fool, I do realize when I become king, I cannot possibly go round having these controversial points or making these points, and I understand that."

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