Although no date has been chosen, speculation about Harry and Meghan's baby girl's christening is already in full gear.

Lilibet has been kept away from prying eyes and her privacy has been fiercely guarded by the couple, who have recently been quite active in the media from their Californian house.

Allegedly, they are now pushing for a christening at the private chapel at Windsor Castle, as she is now older than her brother Archie was when he was baptized. According to experts, it is precisely these plans, if true, that are revealing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's true colors.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's attitude reportedly reeks of shameless entitlement that may appear quite unthinkable to some. Many could not understand why after lambasting the royal family, they would even want to have a baby christening in the royal grounds or have the royal family present.

Analysts claimed that the two appear blissfully ignorant of the havoc they have wreaked on the Queen, the monarchy, and the Royal Family as a result of their actions.

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After all, their strained relationship with the royal family since their retirement as working royals, as well as their readiness to make disparaging accusations on television, could have made understandably lasting wounds. Some believe that the once-close brothers William and Harry's damaged friendship is irreversible and yet, Harry is acting like no rift exists. 

Harry, Meghan, and their staff of advisers in the United States appear peacefully unaware of the harm they've done, including claims that the Firm harbors a racist person and is unconcerned about mental health.

His assertions that his connection with the Queen is perfect might be exaggerated because everyone knows that this would be kind of impossible after all the things said on record, and all the things done. Others believe that they are not ignorant, and instead, acting just so.

Little Lilibet, naturally innocent to all this noise, who was named after Queen Elizabeth's nickname and after Harry's mother Diana, was born in a hospital in Santa Barbara, California in June. Her parents truly have to secure a date soon if they want a UK christening; otherwise, they have to settle for an American one instead. 

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