Prince Charles is next in line to the British throne if ever the Queen steps down or passes away; however, Her Majesty's impact on the public is remarkable, making it hard for her successor to step into her shoes.

According to a royal expert, Jonathan Sacerdoti, who spoke to Express UK, Queen Elizabeth has been immensely popular. She has had an "incredible leadership" over the past decades of being a monarch.

However, The Queen's overall leadership performance could adversely affect Prince Charles' reign when he succeeds to the throne because it will be difficult for him to live up to his mother's work.

"Prince Charles suffers, in a way, under the immense popularity of his mother, the Queen." Sacerdoti told the outlet. (via Daily Star UK)

In addition, the royal expert noted that it is a "slight problem" for the Prince of Wales and the monarchy generally because the public has seen The Queen for so long to the point that they don't remember "anything other than Queen Elizabeth II."

Her Majesty, who has been on the throne since February 6, 1952, is widely thought of as very responsible with her actions, said the royal expert. She also portrayed incredible leadership in an antiquated role.

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Prince Charles To Rewrite The Constitution, Hand Over The Throne To Prince William?

In early reports, Princess Diana's former confidante, Stewart Pearce, spoke to the outlet saying the Prince of Wales doesn't want the crown along with the responsibilities as a king.

The late Princess' vocal coach also revealed that the future King of England might rewrite the constitution and hand over his position to his successor, Prince William.

"He [Prince Charles] may not take the throne, he may hand it to his young son." Pearce said.

Prince Charles reportedly doesn't want to do "such a difficult task," making him hand over his position to his son.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Preparing To Take The British Throne For Years?

Furthermore, Pearce said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been preparing to take over the throne for years by doing more significant responsibilities for the senior royals.

Pearce mentioned that the Duke has been a part of the conversation ever since he was a kid, and "he's been groomed."

His future role, even more, became significant when his brother Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave up their royal titles last year.

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