BTS checked on their fans amid the world's crises through an inspiring #YouthToday challenge.

The rising K-pop group remains compassionate with their fans - especially the youth - that they regularly collaborate with different organizations to ensure everyone's safety. This time, BTS promoted a project with the UN that checks on the youth's mental, emotional, and physical states.

On the group's official Twitter account, they introduced the #YouthToday and #YourStories.

"Dear young people, what were the past 2 yrs like for you, and what's your world like today? Express the precious things that make up your world or show who you are now with an image, an emoji, or a word," the caption says. "At the UN, your stories will begin."

#YouthToday Stories By BTS' Fans

The post already reached 200,000 likes and nearly 75,000 comments from fans who shared their experiences before the pandemic began. Some also shared their mental health struggles in the past years.

"Messy, completely messy to be honest, it's been hard, and rough, memories and feeling from my past came back and I HAD to deal with them and try to be calm at the same time, I didn't knew what to do, looking back, I grew up a lot, and who wouldn'ts?. I lost 'friends', my mom,," one said.

Another added, "Two years and a lot happened, I lost a very special person to me because of covid, I got through a lot of problems and being anxious didn't help at all, but somehow it was okay because I had a lot of fun too, I laughed and I knew myself better.

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Meanwhile, most of them also thanked BTS for launching projects like this. According to ARMYs, this kind of deed gives comfort and strength to them.

The Twitter page also shared stories from some of the group's members - from RM, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook.

Aside from the #YouthToday project, BTS will meet South Korean President Moon Jae-In as part of the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture. The formal ceremony on September 14 will reportedly raise awareness on "global agendas, such as sustainable development, to our future generations and to strengthen the nation's diplomatic power across the world."

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