Denise Richards is being accused of none other than her daughter Sam for being abusive. After allegedly being kicked out by her mom, Sam said she is now so much happier with living with dad Charlie Sheen. While the Internet was shocked by the allegations, drawing mixed reactions, Sam now posted something that could make people wonder if she is inventing stuff?

On Sunday, Denise Richards' daughter Sam posted a defiant photo to Instagram. In one of numerous photographs released, the 17-year-old aspiring model, whose father is Wall Street star Charlie Sheen, stuck her tongue out.

"Nothing is real," the girl said in her message, which included emojis for a mushroom, bus, and rainbow. Whatever she means by nothing is real is unclear, but the timing is quite suspect.


This comes after she made some stunning allegations about her Bond girl mother in a TikTik video published last week. 

It can be remembered that while the video was later on deleted, Sam was able to tell her fans her household situation with Richards and her beau, Aaron Phypers. She said the abuse got so bad that she would rather not eat or sleep. She said she was feeling insanely depressed with her situaiton at the time. 

Now that she's freer to do what she wats, she posted a photo that could have people wondering if she lied. 

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is one happy dad for having his daughter, albeit controversial, stay with him. 

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Charlie, 56, made a comment about the situation via his representative, who told PageSix: 'Sam's amazing. I love her and all my children unconditionally. We're having a ball. GED here we come!'

GED refers to the General Educational Development, which are the tests students take as an alternative to the US high school diploma. Passing this means Sam can attend college. 

Richards and Charlie were wed between 2002 until 2006. They share two children - Sam and Lola Sheen. 

In an interview, she revealed how hard it is to explain about the divorce to her kids. I always did whatever I could to hide Charlie's behavior," she said. "How do you tell kids what's really going on? I would say, 'Dad had to go to work, but he loves you so much. He wants to be here for you girls.'" 

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