Andrew Garfield is reported to be in isolation after getting in close contact with a COVID-positive crew member.

The British actor had flown all the way to Canada for his role in the mini-series "Under The Banner Of Heaven," which was titled after the book it was based upon. Andrew had been busy wrapping up productions for his new project with author Jon Krakauer in Calgary when he was forced to cease all physical contact.

The health protocol didn't help Garfield's situation as he was also scheduled to promote his other film, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," last September 12, where he was assigned the leading role of Jim Bakker.

According to sources, the celebrity was advised to forego his remaining public appearances for the movie to prioritize his health and lessen his contact with other cast members and attendees of the event.

Andrew Garfield's Breakout Case

Fortunately, "The Amazing Spiderman" star had already finished shooting for the film mentioned earlier before getting infected with the viral disease.

However, during his online interview with "The View," Andrew shared that he had actually caught the virus on the set of "Under The Banner Of Heaven."

"I was supposed to come down [to Los Angeles] and then we had a few breakthrough cases in our crew, and so a few of us are having to quarantine and self-isolate so, unfortunately, I couldn't fly," sources reported the leading man said.

Garfield had still expressed his gratitude for being able to address his absence on the talk show. "I'm grateful for this technology that I can talk to you through now, so that's lovely," Andrew remarked to the hosts.

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What Did Andrew Miss?

Aside from missing the interview mentioned earlier in California, Andrew was also unable to attend the promotions for "The Eyes of Tammy Faye," set in New York.

Being quarantined means he also missed the film's red carpet premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which happened on the weekend. However, the presence of his co-star and leading actress Jessica Chastain was enough to represent both of them.

Andrew Garfield seems to be in good health as he managed to joke around about a "no licky [arm]pitty zone" with Jessica before sending her off to the screening event.

"I texted her and I said... 'I hope you don't expect me to lick your armpit on the red carpet," the Brit jokingly said to "The View" hosts, referring to the stunt Oscar Isaac pulled in Venice. Chastain replied in good humor to his message saying, "Garfield, we've gotta sell this movie!"

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