Jeff Bridges claims that having COVID is much worse than getting lymphoma, and the actor even compared the cancerous disease as "a piece of cake."

On Monday, the actor revealed his grueling journey with both sicknesses, which he uploaded to his blog under the "Latest 9.13.21" update. The first is that his at a stage of remission with his lymphatic cancer.

According to sources, Jeff claimed that his clump of cells has stopped growing since his remission. He described his lymph nodes as a "9x12 mass," that has shrunk down "to the size of a marble."

The "Bad Times at the El Royale" star was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2020, which has immensely weakened his immune system due to his ongoing treatment with chemotherapy. Earlier this year, Bridges confirmed that he did got tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Jeff's Physical Therapy Treatment

In his blog update, Jeff followed up his cancer remission with his COVID recovery, saying that it is now "in the rearview mirror" and that he can finally move on with his life.

  "Covid kicked my ass pretty good, but I'm doubled vaccinated and feeling much better now, I heard that the vaccine can help folks with long haulers. Maybe that's the cause of my quick improvement," the celeb's blog read. However, the 71-year-old didn't censor out the gory details of his battle with the infectious disease.

This article reported that Bridges required oxygen assistance to walk while still getting treated for the virus. Aside from that, Jeff's wife- Susan Geston, had also been a casualty as she was also exposed to the infectious disease.

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The Reason for Jeff's Determination

The loving father admitted that his sheer determination to recover from his lymphoma and COVID had been his daughter, Hayley Roselouise Bridges.

"I had a goal: walking my daughter Hayley down the aisle. She was getting married to a wonderful guy, Justine Shane," Jeff confessed in his blog. He had wanted to perform the tradition of father-daughter dance at her wedding without being oxygenated and accompanied by nurses.

The song choice for their special moment was Ray Charles's hot song "Ain't That Love." Jeff had uploaded a recorded video of the heartwarming performance up on his blog.

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