After Kenneth Petty failed to register himself as a sex offender, the convicted rapist will possibly receive an order to attend a court hearing against his victim soon.

Sources reported that Kenneth faced a civil lawsuit filed against him just in June for sexual assault. Petty's wife and the mother of their child, Nicki Minaj, had done everything to save their reputation and marriage by attempting to settle his case out of court.

The plaintiff, Jennifer Hough, claimed that the couple had tried to bribe her to drop the charges as it was gaining negative attention from the public and damaging the singer's relationship.

However, Jennifer's lawyers advised her to push through and continue to sue her assailant in the legal setting. Official court documents submitted by Hough's attorneys revealed Nicki Minaj's involvement in her husband's criminal acts.

Nicki Minaj Threatens Husband's Victim

According to the complainant, she was in constant contact with the family. In the beginning, the couple had tried to force Hough to withdraw her claim about her alleged 1994 rape incident publicly.

Minaj turned to bribery to entice the victim to surrender the legal battle. The bribes included an offer of a recorded video of Nicki singing happy birthday to Jennifer's daughter, which the victim did not accept, and a $500,000 monetary exchange for her silence and cooperation.

Based on this article, the husband and wife continued to harass and bully Hough by stalking her and bombarding her with phone calls a month before she filled the case.

Things escalated to "threats of physical bodily harm" as Kenneth and Nicki Minaj's offer kept getting turned down. This kept going on until last month when Petty's associates sent Jennifer a life-threatening message while flashing their firearms at her.

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If Hough's lawyers are successful in proving that Minaj was involved in an attempt to quiet a rape victim, the consequences will be disastrous for Nicki.

Minaj might face criminal penalties in addition to another another scandal that threatens to wreck her career. 

Nicki and Kenneth In Hiding

The victim had moved to a different state for safety as she feared for her life. However, her lawyer remained in Los Angeles to hunt down the couple as they reportedly had gone into hiding.

It seems like the celebrity's legal team had also followed Kenneth's lead and was refusing to reply or answer any sort of contact from Hough's attorney. The family's refusal to cooperate had delayed the processing of the lawsuit.

On September 9th, Kenneth Petty showed up at the Central District of California Court to plead guilty for his sex offender case. Jennifer's attorney simultaneously served him to attend the trial.

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