Amid Prince Andrew's legal battle against accuser Virginia Giuffre, a royal expert claims that Queen Elizabeth II is embarrassed by her son for hiding behind her.

Speaking to Channel 5, Jennie Bond says the Duke of York is "hiding behind her tartan skirt" at the Balmoral where Her Majesty spends her summer.

She did not think that the Queen was "in an enviable position," but rather, embarrassed of the situation.

Per Express UK, Giuffre's legal team is trying to serve legal papers to the prince.

Bond also mentioned that Prince Andrew was "evading" attempts to serve him documents at the royal estate.

"50,000 acres to roam in and to have his shooting parties and yet essentially been trying to evade people who are try to serve papers on him!" Bond said.

However, the accuser's lawyers have repeatedly failed to serve him court papers after the Duke has denied all allegations.

Giuffre is accusing the royal of battery by sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Bond says even though the Duke has vehemently denied all the accusations, she thinks that this is "squeaky bum time" for him.

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Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre Case Update

Bond's recent statements come after Virginia Giuffre's lawyers attempted to serve the papers to Prince Andrew late last month.

According to the legal documents, the plaintiff must be served an answer to the complaint within 21 days.

If ever the plaintiff fails to abide, judgment by default will be entered against him.

An agent previously went to Windsor Great Park but was ultimately hindered by a Metropolitan Police officer. Following this, Giuffre's camp has failed to serve documents to the royal.

Aside from attempting to serve him papers in his estate, Giuffre's legal team said they used "multiple methods" to reach him including e-mail and FedEx.

Prince Andrew's lawyers previously called Giuffre's claim "baseless" and "potentially unlawful.

According to CNN, the Duke's legal team argued that the papers weren't served properly.

"We believe, however, that this is a baseless, non-viable and potentially unlawful lawsuit that plaintiff has filed against the Duke." attorney Andrew Brettler said.

A spokesperson for London's High Court mentioned that the issue regarding how claims are served in different jurisdictions since the case was filed in New York, United States, was governed by the Hague Service Convention.

The said convention requires the requests to be approved by a relevant authority in both countries.

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