Princess Charlene's stay in South Africa has been extended due to the existence of a mysterious illness.

Multiple reports confirmed earlier this month that Princess Charlene suffered from a medical emergency that caused her to be rushed to a hospital. She was later admitted due to the severity of her condition.

Meanwhile, Express UK said that she was confined to the Netcare Alberlito Hospital under a fake name to protect her privacy.

Although her condition was not disclosed at that time, a statement revealed that the royal princess collapsed due to complications from the severe ear, nose, and throat infection.

"Her medical team is currently evaluating her but have confirmed the princess is stable," the statement went on.

In addition, it has been disclosed since the beginning that the princess underwent surgery last spring and suffered complications from it. It then caused complications to her ear, nose, and throat that most recently required her to undergo a four-hour surgery.

Unfortunately, the sinus infection kept her from home since her ears would not "equalize" during her flight.

She then revealed that she would be staying in South Africa until October, as reported by ET Canada.

The Latest: Is Princess Charlene Really Sick?

Despite those clarifications, rumors about Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II's alleged split continuously swirled.

However, the royal prince debunked the claims and told People that his wife only visited the country to reassess her Foundation's work in the country. He refuted that the travel was supposed to be a weeklong only, not until the princess suffered from medical complications.

There was also a buzz that arose about his wife's alleged voluntary exiled.

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"Misreading events is always detrimental. ... We're an easy target, easily hit, because we're in the public eye a lot," he went on.

Divorce talks also came to the spotlight, alleging that Princess Charlene no longer comes home due to their split. French royal commentator Stéphane Bern also wrote that the two are on the verge of separating.

The Mirror noted that it began as the public never saw each other since January - two months before Princess Charlene jetted to South Africa for her conservation trip.

Still, Prince Albert called these reports absurd before assuring she was ready to come home - before the princess suffered from the recent medical emergency.

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