After Mike Richards' controversial exit from "Jeopardy!" the show reportedly won't have another round of guest hosts on the podium anytime soon.

In fact, TMZ reported that the show has already decided on a full-time host - for this season only.

Mayim Bialik will still be taking over the position, but alongside her is Ken Jennings.

Production sources revealed to the outlet that the quiz show would be keeping it semi-consistent with Mayim on interim hosting dutiesfor more than half of the episodes and Ken shooting a couple of weeks' worth of episodes.

When Mike Richards, who was also let go from being the executive producer, stepped down as the host, he suggested to the show's staff that "Jeopardy!" will return to a series of guest hosts.

But as previously mentioned, he was also fired from being the show's executive producer, so it was clear that his plan was no longer going to be followed.

Mike was first announced to be the newest replacement of long-time host Alex Trebek, but his controversial comments several years ago made their rounds on the internet shortly after his new role.

He was forced to step down as host after shooting just five episodes.

Meanwhile, while Ken Jennings is still guest-hosting, production sources revealed that he isn't one of the people in the running for the permanent host position. This is because he also has some controversial statements in the past.

But it wasn't just him and Mike because even Mayim Bialik has made jaw-dropping comments in the past.

LeVar Burton is still the number one pick by fans. However, it has been previously reported that "Jeopardy!" bosses are not sold on him being the guy for the job.

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"Jeopardy!" has already opened the season with the newly-ousted host for season 38, but views can't help but notice Mike Richards.

There was also a lot of awkwardness in the past few episodes with him as host, and it will run until Friday.

For instance, the way he opened the show on Tuesday after taking the stage, Mike said, "You know, the power of this show has always been derived from the contestants."

Viewers were feeling very uncomfortable after he said, "And my pledge to Jeopardy! fans everywhere, is to continue to make this stage a place where our contestants can shine their absolute brightest."

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