Piers Morgan is massively thankful for Meghan Markle, despite being one of her harshest critics.

The controversial host was reunited with his former "Good Morning Britain" co-host Susanna Reid as he could bag a broadcasting award at the TRIC Awards in central London.

Piers beat Susanna in the category for Best News Presenter.

The outspoken host quit the ITV flagship morning showin March after his statements about the Oprah Winfrey interview the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did.

Upon receiving the award, Piers Morgan spoke to the Daily Star and revealed the one person he's thankful for helping boost his career - Meghan Markle.

He expressed his gratitude to Prince Harry's wife when Piers was asked what Meghan may feel about his newest win.

"Who cares?!" the host said.

"Honestly, she's been great for my career to be honest with you. I really want to thank her."

Piers also revealed that he and the OfCom haven't heard much from the former "Suits" star, even went on to say that his latest victory is "for free speech, whether people like me or don't like me," because everybody is "entitled to an opinion."

A few weeks ago, Piers Morgan also scored a massive win over Meghan Markle after being cleared by British media regulator Ofcom, ruling that he didn't breach any broadcasting code when he criticized their interview with Oprah.

In his statement, he says he doesn't believe that Archie Harrison and LIlibet's mother are suicidal despite saying it in the interview.

He also dismissed the 40-year-old activist's mental health struggles, adding he didn't believe a word that she said.


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When Piers Morgan's comments were aired, it was reported that Ofcom received more than 57,000 complaints, including one from the Duchess of Sussex herself.

But Ofcom said Piers didn't do anything wrong or even the network.

And while the board confessed that his comments were very offensive and harmful, they "took full account of freedom of expression."

ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall also defended ITV and Piers Morgan to Ofcom, saying, "The reason we didn't get pulled up by them is because of the programme making."

She also went on to say that there is "no way we wouldn't be absolutely not just endorsing but championing freedom of speech and freedom of expression."

But now that Piers is clear, is he going to return to "Good Morning Britain?"

According to him, his next TV job is going to be bigger than the show.

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