The 73rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards officially arrived, Sunday, yet TV series "The Boys" did something more exciting as they got snubbed for their nomination.

It was noon of September 19 when the official Twitter account of "Vought International," the fictional company famous for founding "The Seven," held their Emmys parody ahead of Sunday night's award ceremony. Vought revealed their red carpet and "awards" on the platform, just like how the ceremony works.

The Amazon Prime TV series was nominated for "Outstanding Drama Series" and "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series" for the Emmys. Aside from the said awards, they were also nominated in four more categories including, "Outstanding Special Visual Effects," "Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics," "Outstanding Sound Mixing," and "Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series."

The Supies

According to this article, "The Boys" universe has a group of superheroes which were named "The Seven," in short "supes." This became the idea behind the name of its award show, "Supies."

Getting updated with their own fun Twitter show, the "Vought International" tweeted before the awards night that they got snubbed for their Emmy nomination. This made them introduce the "Supie Awards," announcing "all Vought+ Originals" won in the ceremony.

Even though these "originals" were not real, they made incredible posters with their own parodied documentary and movies.

They even went through so many details giving each poster reviews by "Vought News Network" and its "Seven on 7" program. The account continued the day with their own glamorous red carpet showcasing the "corrupt superheroes" in their fashionable suits or costumes to keep the fun going online.

And of course, the Vought International partnered the images with their hilarious takes on reporting the stars while on the red carpet.

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'The Boys' Up For Season 3

Sources recently reported that "The Boys" Season 3 just finished the production of their third season.

In the new season, "The Boys" will further tell Soldier Boy's story and delve more into their world's history in a larger storyline, according to creator and showrunner Eric Kripke.

"Season 3 delves a lot more into the history of how we got here through this character of Soldier Boy," Kripke said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

"We were able to dig into both the history of the country and also really look at toxic masculinity, and masculine roles, and what a sh-t-show that's overall caused," he also added.

"The Boys" Season 1 and 2 are up for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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