The 73rd Emmy Awards has awarded the 2015 Broadway musical "Hamilton" the "Outstanding Variety Special" award; the show's Angelica, Renée Elise Goldsberry, left a heartfelt speech where she shared the urge for more synergy between the stage and the screen.

In 2020, the Broadway musical entered the world of television by premiering as a Disney+ special where they shot a series of live performances from Richard Rodgers Theater in 2016.

And with that, the Disney+ musical earned its Emmys against fellow nominees in the category, "Bo Burnham: Inside," "David Byrne's American Utopia," "8:46 - Dave Chappelle," "A West Win Special To Benefit When We All Vote," and "Friends: The Reunion."

Goldsberry's Speech

During her wonderful speech, the 50-year-old singer and actress thanked Disney and Radical Media as they made the 2015 legendary musical-to-TV-series "one of the television events that brought people back together last year when we were separate and alone."

"This award represents the synergy between the medium of television and theater," she continued in her speech. "What a gift we can be to each other, what a gift you gave to us last year, when we were dark and dispersed, TV created the platform to come together to put on a show."

Giving the genius behind "Hamilton" a special mention, she said, "On behalf of Lin Manuel Miranda and all of the company's off Broadway and on, we say 'look around', the curtains are going back up and the lights are going back on."

The same night, "Ted Lasso's" star Hannah Waddingham's speech also got echoed by Goldsberry, where she called on the TV industry to "look at the world of theater more."

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The Second Win For 'Hamilton'

The "Girl5Eva" star also responded why Miranda could not attend Sunday's ceremony in Los Angeles. She said he wanted Goldsberry to "have a moment to shine."

Later on, she explained that the composer slash actor was finishing his movie while handling seven companies of "Hamilton" around the world. "They are very busy in the business of putting theater back up and we're very grateful to him," she added.

Phillipa Soo, who played Goldsberry's sister in the show, also told a behind story where they got a chance to Facetime Miranda on the way to the Emmys. "Thanks to Facetime and Renee's phone we were able to communicate with Lin and get a little picture of him," she concluded.

The Sunday's Emmys became "Hamilton's" second award from the ceremony after they picked up the "Technical Direction, Camerawork and Video Control" award at Creative Arts Emmys, out of its 12 nominations.

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