Scott Foley reveals his current status with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner after their divorce and what kind of relationship they had during their "short-lived marriage."

The actor appeared on SiriusXM's "Andy Cohen Live," wherein the host interviewed him about his experience on "Felicity." According to E!, Cohen also grilled his guest if he would know any "young starlets" that Scott had dated in the past.

The celeb then admitted that Jennifer had also been his real-life girlfriend when they were shooting the show. Foley's character Noel Crane had dated Garner's Hannah Bibb on the hit '90s TV series.

"Probably, I got married during Felicity, it was a short-lived marriage," the "Final Vision" star started before he explained.

Scott Foley's Marriages

Scott awkwardly squirmed as he thought about answering the question with his wife, Marika Dominczyk, sitting right behind him.

"We're speaking about this with my current wife behind me and she's laughing! She's really enjoying the squirming that I'm doing," the 49-year old proclaimed. "[Jennifer and I] were together for a total of about five years. I say that- I downplay that because my wife's right behind me."

Entertainment Tonight reported that after meeting on the set of "Felicity" in 1998, the two actors decided to tie the knot two years later in 2000.

"[Jennifer Garner] played my girlfriend on Felicity. Yeah, we met on the show, and we hit it off instantly and were soon dating," the star concluded. Foley and Garner's relationship didn't last long as they announced their separation three years later and finalized their divorce in 2004.

Three years later, Scott married his current spouse and "Whiskey Cavalier" leading lady. The couple currently shares three children: Malina, Keller, and Konrad.

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Scott and Jennifer's Civil Relationship

Andy continued to question the status of their relationship after the divorce, even pushing to ask if he's ever avoided her in public.

The director immediately denied saying, "No, you have to say hello. You're very civil. I mean, we do not keep in contact because she has her own family. I have mine. It wouldn't be something that we would search out."

Scott then clarified that he'd seen Garner publicly several times, more so back when they lived in the same state, but never alone.

"I've seen her a few times, especially when we were living in LA and Marika has been with me and, you know, everybody says, 'Hi,' and you're cordial and you move on. That's life right?" Foley said.

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