It has been a month since Meghan McCain came on "The View" for her last appearance, and now, the host has officially detailed her reasons why she hastily left the show after four years.

The former "The View" host recently moved to join Daily Mail as she became a columnist. Before starting her new twice-a-week job in the outlet, McCain went on an exclusive interview where she admitted the real reason for leaving the show.

And as reported by Suggest, in this new chapter of life that McCain took, she explained that she prefers doing things that are "meaningful and impactful and make me happy."

The Exclusive Interview With Meghan McCain

From the interview with her new employer, the now-opinion columnist delved into more detail about her departure from "The View," which became increasingly well known for debate style reports with her "more liberal co-host," naming Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.

Continuing, McCain confessed, "People really love fighting with me and I've come to terms with the fact that people love me and love to hate me." She also added, "I really have gotten to a place where I'm comfortable with that."

And despite the almost constant arguments made between "The View" hosts, it still came as a shock for the team when they announced McCain's departure to "embark on a new adventure."

The star mentioned in the interview that she left New York and "sort of had an existential crisis" after her father and politician, John McCain, passed away. "I got really scared and I just really started thinking about life and what I wanted and what I said on The View was true," she said.

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Post-The View With McCain

As she moved with her family to Washington DC, McCain admitted she felt a lot more comfortable and happy than she had before.

When she realized not moving back to New York was "the right choice" for her, she began to reevaluate her future, "post-View," which is her new job for Daily Mail. "I feel really good about it now and I don't miss it at all."

And not only that McCain snagged the company with "three checkmarks" on her list, but she was also able to walk away from "The View" despite having two more years left on her contract.

In conclusion, after numerous rumors claim that McCain left the show amid bad blood behind the scenes, she confirmed that she "didn't feel anything negative" during her stay in the talk show.

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