The newly unearthed handwritten letters of Prince Albert revealed the scathing messages he sent to his wife, Queen Victoria.

Nearly a century after Prince Albert wrote the hurtful letters, the Royal Collection Trust shared the communications with the public. An unknown archivist reportedly made photographic copies of them for the Royal Archives.

Among the 5,000 documents and photographs included the letters Prince Albert and Queen Victoria's daughter, Princess Beatrice, once tried to destroy. The royal princess reportedly attempted to get rid of them to safeguard the family's reputation.

The documents also saved Prince Albert's diary entries and letters from his children. They also showed the scores of music he created for his wife.

Although the latter sounded sweet to some, most of the letters also unveiled the times the royal husband lambasted the Queen over her behavior during arguments. He even advised her to occupy herself lesser to improve her attitude.

One of the excerpts (via Telegraph), written in German, says, "You have again lost your self-control quite unnecessarily. I did not say a word which could wound you and I did not begin the conversation, but you have followed me about and continued it from room to room."

Prince Albert Developed Hard Feelings Toward Queen Victoria

The royal prince added that his wife did not need to promise to trust her anymore. It showed the lack of trust in their marriage and how the Queen's title only ignited the feverish eagerness of the monarch.

Prince Albert added that, instead of love and harmony, he did his duties to the Queen out of his will.

"I look upon this with patience as a test which has to be undergone, but you hurt me desperately and at the same time do not help yourself," he went on.

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In another letter, he offered parenting advice to his wife, telling her where the difficulty truly lies.

The next one unveiled Queen Victoria's suffering and how Prince Albert asked him to agonized alone.

The former monarch kept the letters, despite how hurtful the words were, and rediscovered in the Royal Archives by Princess Beatrice in the 1940s. The daughter wrote to George VI, asking for his permission to burn the letters.

The original writings did not make their way to the collections.

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