Prince George grew up quickly that he is about to adopt a change in his royal life.

Royal fans can surely differentiate the royals in one look, especially when it comes to their clothing. Prince George, for instance, has been wearing shorts even during winter.

But as a future king, the royal prince will finally need to change it to follow an upper-class tradition.

In an interview with People, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, revealed that boys usually wear short trousers until they are eight.

"It is considered very suburban for a little boy to be in long trousers when he is just a little boy," she said. "It is shorts until you're 8 and then 'woo, you're in long trousers."

With that change, everyone in the royal family would surely feel Prince George is already grown up. The young royal reportedly follows Prince William's footsteps, as the Duke of Cambridge also started wearing long trousers when he attended school at Ludgrove.

'It's a Very English Thing'

Seward's comments resonated with what an etiquette expert said.

William Hanson previously detailed why Prince George wears shorts regardless of the season.

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, he revealed that it's an English thing to let young boys wear shorts. He noted that it became one of the silent class markers in the country.

"Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class - quite suburban. And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban. Even the Duchess of Cambridge," he said.

After Prince George celebrated his eighth birthday in July, he started wearing trousers. During his birthday, talks about his parents sending him off to boarding school emerged.

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However, experts revealed Prince William would not allow it to happen as he does not want his son to experience the unhappy time he and Prince Harry experienced.

Royal commentator and author Duncan Larcombe revealed to OK! Magazine (via Geo) that the Duke of Cambridge already pledged he would not pack off any of his children to boarding school even before Prince George was born.

"Eton for William and Harry wasn't an unhappy time, apart from the fact it was when their mother died, which means William doesn't blame the school or the experience of boarding," he went on.

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