Brian Laundrie may be missing now, but it does not stop people from building the puzzle pieces together to give justice to Gabby Petito.

For six days, the authorities have been pouring their efforts in pursuit of finding Laundrie. The parents of Gabby Petito's fiance, who is currently a person of interest, are still not providing information about him.

Even during the most recent questioning by a news outlet in their Florida home, Laundrie's parents failed to give valuable details. Their family never let out words except for their report about him missing since last Friday, soon after he was named a person of interest.

Due to the lack of updates, internet users began to create theories that somehow made sense.

Brian Laundrie Left Through a Boat

This week, Twitter assumed that Petito's fiance probably boarded a boat where he currently hides to run away from the police.

Users continuously shared a clip of Laundrie's alleged accidental Instagram live showing a body of water and a side of a green vessel. The video was abruptly cut out.

"Gabby Petito's fiancée, Brian Laundrie, had his Instagram account allegedly go live and broadcasted a couple seconds of what appeared to be a boat on the water, allegedly calling off the FBI search in Florida," YouTuber Joseph Morris shared the video.

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It immediately went viral on the same day the authorities postponed the search in Carlton reserve as they claimed that they already "exhausted all leads."

Meanwhile, some users assumed that Laundrie probably rode the boat in an attempt to flee to Mexico.

Novels inspired gabby Petito's Death and Brian Laundrie's Disappearance?

The internet dug deeper on the duo's social media accounts and found a photo of the same book by Chuck Palahniuk.

The horror-satire novel, "Lullaby," tells a story of a cross-country quest of a reporter who is assigned to write articles about death syndrome. Meanwhile, an armchair detective suggested that the crime was related to the plot of the novel "Annihilation."

"In their YouTube video (VAN LIFE | Beginning Our Van Life Journey), you can see Brian reading a book called Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, which focuses on people exploring uncharted terrains and go missing. Can this be a clue or was it just a coincide? You be the judge!" the moderator of the YouTube channel, Education Reflex, wrote.

None of these theories, unfortunately, can explain why such a tragic crime happened. But the internet hopes it could help authorities find Laundrie already.

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