Is Brian Laundrie still alive?

The authorities continue their thorough investigation to find out Laundrie's whereabouts. However, questions whether he is still alive amid the ongoing pressure started to enter the picture.

In a new report of news outlets, law enforcement sources revealed that the prosecutors still cannot take a further step as "two primary loose ends" remain untied.

It revealed that the authorities now consider Petito's fiance as the suspect, although he is currently being referred to as a person of interest.

As the responders are yet to find him, the federal prosecutors committed to a waiting game until they can confirm whether he is still alive.

If Laundrie was the one who killed his fiancee, finding him would be a little tricky following the coroner's update regarding Gabby Petito's cause of death. This week, the office ruled that the young YouTuber died of homicide, and it prompted officials to find who did it to her.

One source noted that Laundrie probably left Petito when someone else killed her - the second possible event that likely occurred.

The federal prosecutors need to be involved since Petito was killed in the Grand Teton National Park. They also began looking into someone else and planning to charge the potential suspect with murder.

Brian Laundrie Should Die

Although the authorities are yet to finalize their investigation, FOX News personality, Geraldo Rivera, shared an unfiltered comment on the crime.

On Wednesday, he quickly said Laundrie should off himself while he is still nowhere to be found. He added that the YouTuber's fiancé behaves inexplicably if he thinks he is not the murderer.

Thus, Laundrie should reportedly "have the dignity to spare us his absolute bull--" explanation.

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"He should ditch himself in the Florida swamp. He's a punk," he continued without holding back.

Earlier this week, Sam Bass revealed that his deer's camera footage captured a man walking through the woods with a backpack for trekking, and the newly-released images showed a resemblance to the missing person.

It is where the North Port Police confirmed its continuous operation to finally find Laundrie. To quickly complete their task, the department began working with 50 officers from five local agencies and FBI agents on a Florida nature reserve.

Laundrie still has not been found as of the writing.

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