Trying to make a statement? Scott Disick just tidied up his Instagram account, and exes Kourtney Kardashian and Amelia Gray Hamlin were removed from the list of people he follows, as if they were mere speckles of dirt as opposed to being women who made a great impact on his life.

The Talentless creator, who is 38 years old, no longer follow Kourtney, 42, or any of her family members on social media. He also quit following his 20-year-old model ex on social media.

Disick's social media antics have made news less than a month after Younes Bendjima, Kourtney's ex-boyfriend, called him out for DMing him about Poosh creator Travis Barker.

Based on the shared receipts of their conversation, it was apparent that Disick did not like seeing Kourtney Kardashian and Barker having lots and lots of PDA, anytime of the day. "Yo is this chick ok!????? Brooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy," Disick messaged the former boxer, 28.

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The latter is hardly a good friend of Disick because they too had their past altercations so he did not think twice of sharing the reality star's shady behavior. He even told Disick off. "Don't matter to me as long as she's happy. PS: i aint your bro," Bendjima replied at the time.

It's unclear what statement Scott could be making with this move, a noticeable one considering everyone is now in social media. It's clear though that he'd rather cut off exes at this moment, although how he could do that with Koourtney Kardashian since they share so many kids is a mystery.

As to Hamlin, it's possible that he no longer sees the point since reports had it that Hamlin broke up with him, not because he's obviously still hung up on Kourtney, but because her mom does not like him.

"Amelia felt the relationship was toxic. She broke up with him. It had a lot to do with how her mom felt about him - she was never a fan," a source revealed.. "She's not upset about the breakup and feels like she made the right decision." "Amelia was the one who ended things. This breakup was coming regardless," another explained.

While Hamlin have moved on so much earlier, Kourtney and her sisters Khloe and Kim reportedly still follow Disick, someone whom they have worked in on their reality show many times during their earlier seasons. A source said a reconciliation with Scott is unlikely now because outside of co-parenting, Scott no longer talks to Kourtney about anything. 

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