Gabby Petito's best buddy believes that Brian Laundrie is capable of surviving in the woods alone since he has done it before. Rose Davis is speaking out as the search for the "person of interest" in the killing of the 22-year-old YouTuber enters its fifth day, revealing some disturbing revelations not just of the guy, but of his capacity to maybe escape this horrendous crime being accused of him.

As his parents remain mum and refuse to cooperate, the police had to know who exactly they are dealing with. 

On September 17, Laundrie's parents reported him missing, stating he went on a solo trek three days prior. That's a red signal for Petito's buddy, who she claims to Daily Mail to be "well equipped" for living in the wild.

According to Rose, she knew he lived in the Appalachians for three months and did it on his own, so he would be excellent at playing this cat and mouse game with the authorities.

She added that Laundrie's very visibly excited about being outdoors and doing his rough travels. He and Gabby themselves used to share the stories to her. ""You could see the enthusiasm in his voice when he would talk about his adventures by himself like that trip into the Appalachians," she explained. 

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Davis also portrayed Laundrie as a domineering and jealous boyfriend, stating that he and Petito had a lot of fights. She added that this trip was also partly the result of Laundrie noticing how close Gabby and Rose were becoming.  "I think that's one reason why Brian rushed into this van trip," she said about Petito and Laundrie's cross-country trip that began in July. "He saw how close we were getting and he realized that after every fight, she was staying at my house. And he didn't have control over that." 


At present, the public is on high alert, and potential Laundrie "sightings" are being reported to the FBI. Most recently, a woman said she saw someone who looked like him in a Canadian hotel. She took a picture of the man, whom she characterized as "flustered." On Sunday, an unidentified body was discovered in Wyoming. Petito's remains were later confirmed by the Teton County Coroner. Laundrie has been missing for the last week, barely six days after Petito's parents reported her missing. Gabby's mother claims she last communicated with her daughter by text on August 30, but she does not believe the message was sent by her daughter. 

The public's willingness to locate the man is miles apart from how Laundrie's parents are acting.

Brian Laundrie's been missing for nearly 6 days now, and his parents are still not talking, as reported by TMZ. 

Both father and mother were spotted leaving their home in North Port, FL Thursday morning. They were asked if they know something new, and they provided nothing useful. 

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