Kylie Jenner was previously named as the "youngest self-made billionaire of all time" by Forbes because of her line of businesses, including makeup, skincare products, and her most recent, swimsuits. However, not all fans are happy with the quality of her latest venture as they air out their disappointment online.

Last month, the beauty mogul's fans were excited when she announced that she would release a swimsuit line. Now that consumers received their products, they took to social media to boycott the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

It all began when several users posted videos on TikTok to vent out their frustrations. A user named @kindredl posted a video of the outfits she got from Kylie's latest fashion line. The woman spent over $250 on the swimsuit, but she was disappointed with its quality.

She mentioned that her order was "perfect" when it comes to size, but the material was too small for her; it just "shows everything." (via Daily Mail UK)

The user also slammed the quality of the fabric, saying it's "paper thin," and she could get better swimsuits at Target.

Another user named @briannaxrenee amassed 1.2 million likes on the social media platform after she posted a comparison of Kylie's advertisement to the order she received. (watch the full video below)

 @briannaxrenee the way it keeps getting worse ##kyliejenner ##kylieswim ♬ september on crack ft. a recorder (Earth, Wind & Fire - September) - frickin weeb  

In the video, the user focused on the quality of stitches attached to the strapped, showing uneven threads.

Kylie Swim Bombarded With Negative Feedbacks

Aside from the issues mentioned above, fans are also complaining about the brand's lack of customer service as many of them haven't received an email back from the company.

"I emailed you guys about my order and I still haven't heard back :/" one fan commented on a post.

"Don't do it girls! Please don't waste ur hard worked money on this cheap s*** just cause it has the her name in it PLEASE and ur welcome," another fan wrote.

"Girl you better refund all these beauties their hard earned money. What a scam," one commented.

"TACKY!!! Absolutely nothing original or attractive to these. BORING!" Another user commented on a different post.

At the time of this writing, Kylie Swim's social media accounts nor Kylie Jenner has not publicly commented on the matter.

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Not The First Time Kylie Jenner Had Bad Reviews For Her Brand

According to a report published by USA Today in 2016, Kylie was also bombarded with negative feedbacks regarding her famous "lip kits," a set that features a liquid lipstick and lip crayon.

Many fans were disappointed to receive missing products and packages.

Renowned beauty guru Jeffree Star also slammed Kylie after he received low-quality applicators.

"This is no hate whatsoever, it's just like, when you're a multi-million dollar celebrity, why would you put anything out half-assed?" Star said at the time.

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