Prince William is the future monarch to the British throne, and he had spent almost all of his life learning how to become a great leader someday; his passion fueled even more as a young kid when he experienced a tragedy, in which Queen Elizabeth II intervened and helped him get through his problems.

According to a report published by Express UK, Prince William was devastated when his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana, divorced when he was 13 years old. This was the time when he moved to Eton College to study.

Robert Lacey recently spoke to People and revealed that the divorce left the Prince "emotional," so the Queen stepped in to help him.

The royal expert mentioned that the Duke of Cambridge was "in a fragile place" and "alone" while he started boarding at his school.

The situation left Her Majesty concerned for her grandson, leading her to invite him for lunch.

The author added that the lunch was Prince Philip's idea because "Philip was crucial in helping coach William as a future King."

When Her Majesty starts to talk about "business" with the Duke, Prince Philip would "quietly excuse himself" because he felt that the constitutional side of his wife's role was something he wanted to interfere in.

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Prince William Learned a Lot From Queen Elizabeth II

Per the outlet, the two royals went on to have lunch every Sunday. Lacey revealed that this setup greatly impacted the Duke as he continued to model his "leadership on the style he learned from his grandmother."

However, following Prince Philip's death, the expert mentioned that Prince William is "under pressure like none before" because he stepped up to become one of the three family figures.

"It's a crucial inflection point - this heir-in-waiting is under pressure like none before in recent history." Lacey added.

Prince Charles To Let Prince William Take Power After Queen Elizabeth II Dies?

Despite being the successor to the royal throne, it was previously reported that Prince Charles might hand the position to Prince William.

Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana's former vocal coach, told The Sun that the Prince of Wales doesn't want to be King because it is "such a difficult task."

Pearce added that the Duke of Cambridge had been a part of the "conversation" about the succession since he was a young boy.

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