Kylie Jenner recently launched her new swimwear company, Kylie Swim, but it seems unsuccessful as negative reviews keep circulating on social media.

The 24-year old business mogul is back at it again with a new business venture in the form of Kylie Swim. Jenner surprised everyone when she created the Instagram account and began advertising her swimsuit line.

The account garnered an impressive amount of followers in the span of its pre-launching phase- almost 1 million people. Kylie's marketing team began posting teasers of the products one month before their release and was officially made available to customers last September 17, per sources.

However, the highly anticipated bikinis were a big disappointment as consumers commented on Tiktok, claiming the poor quality of the brand.

Is Kylie Swim A Flop? 

According to Life & Style, even longtime supporters of Kylie can't dismiss the fact that the swimsuits are "terrible." The fabric's overall quality and even the bikinis' stitching were not correctly done, as shown on the videos on Tiktok.

A person even posted a montage on the video-sharing app showing a close-up of the brand's manufacturing fails with clown music playing in the background. The bikinis she bought were practically transparent as there was no lining on the inside, and the seams were practically falling off.

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  Another TikToker made a full-on review showing how bad the rest of the products were, including a sarong she bought which she claimed was too heavy and long.

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"Final thoughts, I am completely and total disappointed that this is completely see-through... The fact that no one caught that this was completely see-through blows my mind," a different customer said after trying on her purchases from the swimwear company.

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Netizens React to Kylie Swim

The news even reached other social media outlets as people on Twitter comment about Jenner's "lackluster" bikinis. One user said those who even bought from Kylie had too high of an expectation, "All the girlies posting bad reviews of Kylie Swim on TikTok... y'all deserve that for ordering in the first place."

"It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a bajillion dollars for a business and the products still be lackluster. Also, I thought releasing Kylie Swim in the fall is odd," one person tweeted out.

  Many of them are comparing Kylie's products to a fast fashion brand. "Looking at Kylie Swim reviews on TikTok and honestly, I've gotten better quality swimwear from Shein," and "$80 and so it looks busted up???? Shein doing better? Oh my gosh."

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